How I got Started…

It all started when I called my mom and asked her if I could make a fashion account. Yes, was her answer! I wanted to make a fashion blog account to inspire my followers. I got inspired by many other Instagram influencers, so I wanted to inspire others as well, and become one of the next youngest Instagram entrepreneurs. I love something navy, so my Instagram handle is “something by charlie” and its so crazy how many “somethingby…” accounts I see on Instagram! 

So I started to post my outfits daily, good eats, homemade foods, activities I do, and my followers really seemed to be enjoying the content I posted. Then, I had a school project. It was called KID ED CAMP. KID ED CAMP is where you, the students get to teach their classmates & teachers something they love to do. I decided to do a KID ED CAMP presentation on fashion influencers with one of my best friends, Lilly. Lilly was also a fashion influencer at the time.

We worked after school and made a presentation on some of our favorite Instagram entrepreneurs. The day came and we presented our google slides presentation to our classmates. I had my friends video us so I could share the presentation with my Instagram followers. Everyone seemed to love the presentation! I posted the video and tagged the influencers.

A few hours later, my phone began to blow up with TONS of dms from verified accounts! I couldn’t believe that these influencers noticed my presentation and shared it with their followers! I got at least 1,000 more followers and my following has grown ever since then! I am so fortunate to share a relationship with some of these amazing woman! It’s so crazy how so many of us connect through social media! I got so many opportunities to go to Showrooms & Headquarters!

It was a DREAM COME TRUE! On my blog, I always post my morning & night routines. My followers without a doubt can see I have a true passion for skincare. And I do! I always wanted to create something, and that something turned out to be a skincare line! I feel that there is no skincare line that specifically speaks to kids, and I wanted that line to be mine.

I proposed my idea to my parents and they LOVED it! We had meetings with doctors to discuss the line. I created a list of products that I thought every teenager needed. I then tested out tons of products to find the one for my liking. We found our 6 products that would distribute into Morning routine or Night Routine or even both! (I always post my morning and night routine so I wanted to create products that would fit into those categories.)

I got the name “charlie cosmetics” from my name charlie and a synonym for skincare products is cosmetics! And just like that… BAM… “charlie cosmetics” happened!

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