• Back to School

    Back to School
    It's crazy that summer is already over and now we are back to school. I thought the summer was much better than i expected to be. Being home, during a pandemic, in the summer when our plans got canceled is hard. I always try to look on the bright side, look for the silver linings, try to make the best of it and surround...
  • How I'm Staying Fit During Quarantine

    How I'm Staying Fit During Quarantine
    Before quarantine, I would workout once a week, maybe twice. The first few weeks of quarantine, I stayed in pjs, watched tv, ate food, didn't really exercise, did puzzles, and stayed home. After a couple of weeks, I realized I had to exercise and move my butt. I started to go on walks with my mom and we would walk 3 miles. Every walk...

    We are very excited to announce a new initiative here at Charlie Cosmetics! In the spirit of giving back, we will be donating a portion of all proceeds to a fund whose purpose it is to help financially support young girls who have a dream of starting a business of their own. We will be awarding a grant to one lucky girl each year...
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