Valentine's Day Gift Guide Charlie Cosmetics Edition

Valentine's Day is almost here! Valentine's Day is the best holiday to come together with your loved ones and spread joy and just be together. This Valentine's day might look different for most of us. I wanted to share with you the best products to give to your Valentine or someone you love.

What better gift to receive than Charlie Cosmetics products? Skincare routines and face masks are the best Valentine's Day activity (that's how I'll be spending it). First I want to mention that if you order 5+ products you can receive one of our iridescent cosmetic pouches. Next, the best gift to order someone is probably a skincare routine. All of our Charlie Cosmetic products were designed for teens (but really anyone can use them) and the impact of the products are just what teens want to see on their skin. Clear, glowing, refreshed, acne-free skin is what you will get once you start using Charlie Cosmetics. I would definitely give our lip bundles, they are the most perfect lip duo. Available in both birthday cake and bubblegum, the scrub exfoliates your lips and takes off all the dead skin while the mask softens and hydrates your lips. Sweet kisses come from our lip bundle as well. Some other products I would include in your gift are glow, mask, hydrate, wash, and hand hydrate. Glow is one of our best sellers. It helps take all the oil off your skin which prevents you from getting acne. Especially now, our face has so much excess oil on it from the mask, we need to take good care of it and the glow pads are your solution to it. 1,2,3 sweep and all the oil is gone and you're glowing! Mask is our best seller. It's the perfect activity to do on Valentine's Day. Mask helps tighten pores while absorbing excess oil. It's the best at-home facial. I would recommend hydrate to anyone who has dry skin and is in need of a moisturizer. Hydrate is the best light dewy cream to help soften the skin (also has no scent)! Wash is the most amazing face wash. It's so beneficial. Some of the benefits include refreshed, hydrated, soothed skin and how could I forget, glowing skin. It smells like green tea which is super good for your skin. Wash is fortified with antioxidants to nourish, protect, and clam the skin. It's a staple in your skincare routine. Hand hydrate is the best hand moisturizer to soften your hands. We have been washing and sanitizing our hands 24/7, it's super important that we hydrate and moisturize them. Hand hydrate contains glycerin which helps to hydrate the skin, protects against dryness and softens the skin for long-lasting comfort. This hand cream also has no scent which is nice. Lastly, we have our lip skincare headbands. The accessory you never knew you needed, is going to be the best addition to your Valentine's Day gift! It's available in 5 different colors and it makes your skincare routine 10x better!

How happy would you be to receive all of these wonderful, beneficial products for Valentine's Day? I would be extremely happy! Go, shop now!! Seriously, Charlie Cosmetics do make the perfect Valentine's Day gift!


Wishing everyone a happy Valentine's Day filled with lots of love, health and happiness ❤️!

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