How I'm Staying Fit During Quarantine

Before quarantine, I would workout once a week, maybe twice. The first few weeks of quarantine, I stayed in pjs, watched tv, ate food, didn't really exercise, did puzzles, and stayed home. After a couple of weeks, I realized I had to exercise and move my butt. I started to go on walks with my mom and we would walk 3 miles.

Every walk I did, I walked faster and could gain more miles in a shorter amount of time. Today, I walk 5 miles or more. I use Map My Walk to track my walks. One day my mom and I were walking and we discovered a secret trail. We went down the trail and saw a beautiful cobblestone pathway. I never realized how beautiful nature was. I love going outside, playing music, walking, and looking at the beautiful trees around em and hearing the birds chirp. It is definitely a highlight of my day!

If I am not walking, you will see me on Isaac Boot's live. I heard about Isaac from one of my moms friends. I tried it and it was very challenging. You can wear ankle weights (which i do) or you don't have to. I was so sore that night, his workouts are killer, but amazing. I love Isaac's positive energy and high spirits. He plays awesome music and brings good vibes to your day, if you haven't tried him yet, I would 100% recommend you do. I do him 3-4 times a week and he has been keeping me in shape. Thank you Isaac!

I also will workout with a trainer in my backyard and we will run, do cardio, do weights, a whole workout. We jump rope, lift weights, run, do lunges, use a ladder, do abs, we do all of it in my backyard. I am always so sore after. 

After I workout, I feel so good and so much better. Its the best way to stat your day :)! 

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